What I've Been Doing With Myself

Knucklehead Sandwich

Mack Jaffey is looking forward to a skull-crushingly good summer with his best friend and bullying partner in crime, Brett Williams. Pranking the entire Humphries Middle eighth grade class at graduation is just the beginning. But Brett's swollen permanent record and the evil machinations of the guidance counselor leave Mack with his former best friend's betrayal, a burning revenge scheme, a lame job at Gruber's deli and the embarrassing chore of having to pass Sensitivity Training.

This summer was supposed to be all about becoming the gnarliest bully ever. Now there are new facts and new rules to play by. One thing is certain -- the kid showing up for his first day at Huxley High will be a brand new Mack Jaffey. A middle grade book chock full of pranks, barf sauce, out-of-control wrestler muscles, punk rock vixens and the tough stuff that happens when friends and friendships change, Knucklehead Sandwich is Mack Jaffey's story of self-discovery.

In no particular order, here are some other projects on my mind and on my laptop: